Greetings from the Department of Psychology Chair, Prof. Panos Kordoutis

New students and visitors of our website, welcome!

The research and teaching faculty of the Department of Psychology welcome you! We appreciate that you, our new students, have invested your efforts in our abilities to help you to realize your hopes of personal development, scientific training, and professional achievement. Our institutional role as well as a significant portion of our personal identity is both dedicated to, and enriched by, the success of your course of studies in our Department, by your scholarly and scientific accomplishments that follow upon your graduation, and by the resulting manner in which you will represent the science of Psychology in its fields of application and in the community.

During the 25 years of its history the Department of Psychology at Panteion University has greatly contributed to the establishment of Psychology as a science, in Greece; it continues to do so, by maintaining and informing the demanding standards for theorizing, doing research and practicing Psychology. Our Undergraduate Program of Studies in Psychology is based on a well-balanced and comprehensive curriculum of the areas comprising the discipline and has a unique character among the equivalent programs of Greek Universities. 

The unique character of our program results from our threefold conviction that (a) psychological phenomena can only be understood by means of systematic, valid, empirical research, (b) intervention goals and methods should be evidence based, and (c) both the understanding of psychological phenomena and intervention requires that the broader social, community and interpersonal setting in which they occur be taken into account.

Fundamental building blocks of our program, securing that students get well acquainted with the scientific way of thinking, are our research/experimental laboratory classes, and the graduation paper involving small-scale empirical research. Both are obligatory requirements for graduating in Psychology. The Department, celebrates students’ research work by providing them with the opportunity to present their findings publicly in a Students’ Conference on Psychological Research, organized every two years, with the participation of students from all University Psychological Departments in Greece.

On the other side, our program secures that students gain basic experience of Psychology as practiced in the community, by their obligatory participation in the “Psychology Practicum”. Students are placed in practicum positions in a broad variety of public and private institutions, such as psychiatric sections of hospitals, neuropsychological clinics, day-care, counselling and rehabilitation centers, schools and special schools, community social services etc. During this three-month practice our students are supervised both by the resident Psychologist at the institution they have been placed and by their Academic Advisor at Panteion University.

Our Department comprises four sections, “Educational and Cognitive Psychology”, “Social Theory and Research”, “Social Psychology” and “Clinical Psychology”. The academic staff participates in the sections depending on their teaching and research interests. Sections supervise contents, structure, standards and evaluation requirements of taught courses, taking care that areas and subareas of the Psychological discipline are served in the best possible way.

Members of the teaching and research staff conduct research independently or in collaboration, by means of specially funded projects or through the (usually) non-funded post-graduate and doctoral work. The Departmental Laboratories also take on research and training projects. Staff members publish their work in national and international scientific journals and books, and further disseminate it by participating in conferences and professional associations. It should be emphasized that Department members have actually produced basic textbook and reference books in Greek - where none existed before - in specific areas of Psychology. Our scientific staff also works in bringing Psychology and its perspective on public issues and personal matters, to the broader public, by way of talks and seminars in local communities, schools and groups of special interests, on television and other media.

Our inter-university, international relations enrich academic life and allow for the exchange of information and international collaborations between academics. On the other hand they allow our students to study abroad for a brief period of time (Erasmus+ programs), acquiring rich experiences, diverse perspectives and ideas.

There is little doubt that the continuing crisis has undermined public higher education in Greece. Nevertheless, we have managed to maintain the high level of studies in Psychology at our Department, often at a personal cost for the members of the academic, research and administrative staff. The recent establishment of a Post-Graduate Studies Program in Psychology, testifies to our determination to support and invigorate the high quality standards. Our post-graduate program has four sections «Social Psychology of Conflicts», «Identity and Interpersonal Relationships», «Positive Psychology: Applications in Counsulting», «Applied Cognitive and Developmental Psychology».

Realizing expectations demands a lot of work and working on a fertile ground. We believe that our program of studies offers the fertile ground for your expectations to come true. May you have the unabated strength for the work needed!

Panos Kordoutis

Professor in the Social Psychology of Interpersonal Relationships

Chairman of the Psychology Department



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